Ah literary devices! You and your group members will identify common literary devices in the novel. You should include the name of the literary device as well as examples of the literary device as it occurs in the book. You should also add a brief sentence where you explain to your group members how the literary device appears in the quote you chose (for example: if it's a simile, what two things are being compared?)

(Max edits for credit: 10)

- " Even his voice sounds like ashes" (15). This is a simile because "his voice" is being compared to ashes in the sentence, and it uses the word "like".
- " I cannot bare to look at his hands, they are like wax" (15). This sentence is also a simile because "hands" are being compared to "wax".
- "He sits down to eat as thin as a grasshopper"(3). This is a simile because it compares him,(Tjaden), to a grasshopper, and it also uses "as".
-"When he gets up he is as big as a bug"(3) simile, because they used "as"
-"country roads run white out to the sky line, and the canteens hum like beehives with rumours of peace"(295). Beehives is being compared to canteens by using the word "like". Also, it is personification because canteens is humming and talking but they are not able to do those human features.
-"I work my way farther, I move off over the ground like a crab and rip my hands sorely on the jagged splinters, as sharp as razor blades"(214). He compares his movement to a crab by using "like" and compares the "jagged splinters" to "sharp" and "razor blades" by using "as".
-"One night more and then another I camp out like a Red Indian"(200). Paul compares himself as a Red Indian by using the word "like". He compares his action, which is camping to how an Indian would camp.
-"The bandages burn like fire."
-"In the meantime Kantorek is dashing up and down like a wild boar."(177)
- " Just as we turn into animals when we go up to the line, because the only thing which brings us through safely, so we turn into wags and loafers when we are resting" (139). This is a metaphor because it is comparing the soldiers to animals/wags/loafers, without using "as" or "like".
-"Our hands are earth, our bodies are clay and our eyes are pools of rain"(287). This a metaphor because it is using "are" to show that they are the object that they are being compared to. They compare hands to earth, bodies to clay, and eyes to pools of rains.
One morning two butterflies play in front of our trench. (127)

-"out there we say it in a single word, but here, to such a lad-------All at once he remembers his school days and finishes hastily"(248).